Enter the Haggis

I first heard the Haggis Horns when I was about 12, and when I think about it, a lot of their stuff that I listen to now was fairly new and actually still to come. They bring the funk, and their newest release in 2015 “What Comes to Mind” (£7.00 online download, £8.50 for the press to vinyl) feels soulful and relaxed too. There’s a real mix across the board but there’s always been something really classy about them and for me they’re a different breed of funkateer – still hitting the live club scene in 2016.
They’re a 7 piece funk collective who combine break beat, hip hop and jazz too. The group have performed alongside the likes of Jamiroquai, John Legend and Amy Winehouse to mention just only 3, and if you’re wondering who that crazy brass player is in the back of your favourite track – it’s probably a Haggis Horn.

I want to bring “What Comes to Mind” to the forefront of this piece, particularly a B Side tune, Digging in the Dirt, which I think shows us all exactly what the Haggis Horns mean in 2016 and everything they still have to bring to the table, Outta my Head which follows right after with a feature from John McCallum is equally as full of movement and swing. From the days of Hot Damn which came out first in 2005 we’ve seen and felt accessible funk from accessible musicians with shit hot rhythm and a tight knowledge of their genre, but with Digging in the Dirt I really feel like we saw them let loose and relax which I have to admit makes you smile and let’s you know there’s more to come. If you like your funk, it’s one to check out and tick off the list.

You’ll catch them in Manchester regularly, and we’ve got some notable grooves for you here:

The Traveller (Part One)
Hot Damn
Enter the Haggis
Outta my Head
Digging in the Dirt



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