Tastes like DNB

With the recent conception of my child I haven’t been and will not be able to make it out much, which makes it pretty hard to keep up to date with new releases on the drum and bass club scene. Really, I’m going to be relying on my boyfriend to not only bring home the bacon whilst I’m raising our baby, but also to keep bringing the freshest and newest drum and bass and jungle into our household. Our home will have this at its heart, I can picture the family skank, and as a friend of mine plans to start hosting events I’ll be able to drop in even with my child years down the line.

I was also raised with the funk in my vains, so I’m bound to rush back to that whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed. I can tell you about the funk but I’ll save that for other articles. There’s new releases in Manchester that I want to check out first.

This time there’s a few tracks on my mind, niggling at the back of my head like a fascinating skin condition. I’ve got Lenzman – African Dream, from the brand new All For You EP, and some other shit from Chimpo and Sam Binga that’s come out only recently too. You’ll catch it on For Those Who Like It Sweet which was pressed to vinyl in the last few months and they’ve brought it once again. It’s a far cry from Who Run Tingz which came out with Trigga early in the year, and contains Wartanker, a tune which is pushing everybody into a buzz.

I’m not liking Lenzman’s African Dream because it reminds me of Africa, it doesn’t remind me of Africa in the slightest, I like it because of how it makes me feel. Growing a person inside of your own person can be a really difficult time, and this tune makes me nostalgic for the future. It’s kind of sorrowful but absolute bliss, like bye bye everything else and hello baby and don’t worry about a thing. I’m liking it more because I didn’t expect that I would like it. I’m a selective listener of liquid drum and bass but I felt good about this whole EP. Big up Lenzman.

Not to be missed this weekend –

DJ Die and Dismantle hosted by DRS at Band on the Wall in Manchester this weekend, you can get your tickets here:


What’s on the play list for the come down?

Skeptical – Instant Reflex
My Nu Leng with Flava D – Soul Shake
Alix Perez with Ivy Lab – Tell Dem
Enei – Consequences
Foreign Concept and Kasra – Show You
Kasra, Enei with DRS – Overthinking
Kahn and Neek – Got My Ting
Sam Binga with Chimpo – Wartanker
Lenzman – African Dream

UK DNB, keep the faith, more to come 👌


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