Holy Water

Today was a bad day,

I did a lot of things wrong,
And I’m lonely where it hurts the most,
In a place I should know,
Where my hands keep catching on fire like the flowers by our bed,
But they won’t burn like we do.

And we do,
We all get burned up
So baby love me.

Love me like you lost me,
Love me like you lost me and found me again
On the day I knew I could walk with you
Cause I finally managed to find a pair of boots I liked
In size 4 and a half,
You know nowhere sells boots sized 4 and a fucking half.

I told you I only drink holy water,
I only hear blessings
And I want to learn lessons
But I’m made of oceans
And you might collect me better on your cheek bones
So if you ever see me hit the floor
Know that I do not fall,
I always jump.

Yeah, I only drink holy water,
Especially in bed
I’ll keep telling you that’s where it flows the best,
And if you ever get sick of the taste
I’ll read you the sermon on the mount like I fucking wrote it
I guarantee you
You’ll remember every word,
But I’m freaky baby
You’ll remember my words anyway.

There hasn’t been a day where I’ve stopped loving you.
I love you with both hands,
And that’s a big thing for me
I can’t do anything with both hands,
Both my nervous palms
Are made of trains when I see you
Or at least the beating tracks,
It’s all the blood stream inside you
It’s probably your heart beat,
It’s probably electric against me
Especially when the power is out,
It reminds me
That the power is never out,
It’s never dark in here
No matter how black it gets
It always looks like something else.

So when I think of you
I think of love,
And when I think of love
I think of the moon,
I think of magic
I think of your chest
And God’s garden
Breathing all those silent silvers inside it.

I think of growing things,
I think of you holding me
I actually
Think of weed,
What if I told you that both of those things give me anxiety attacks
But the smell still comforts me.

So on your last day you can tell God
Hey big man
Let me rest with your daughter,
Look at all the raw emotions I brought her,
And I’ll say
We did our best,
And we had nothing,
But holy water.


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