Midnight In A Perfect World

Sometimes we just stop loving
And start hoping
That we’ll be loved back.
Like falling is a good enough replacement for flying,
Or glass a good enough replacement for water.
I don’t trust that you running to me isn’t just a product of you
Running away from something else.
Gaining foresight, more sight,
As the clock on the wall reads a quarter past midnight.
We’re just addicts,
Waiting to be fulfilled,
Or ruined,
Or whatever this is.

But it’s not the same when you’re falling out of feeling,
Then you’re rolling in and caught again.
Imagining my autopsy,
Too late for wrong decisions,
Slits and incisions,
Skin diced into the shape of freedom
Because all along I knew that it was life that scared me
And not death.

I’ve never fallen in love so quickly,
And so unconditionally,
My signature move is you.
Love tattooed on a thousand eye balls which look at a thousand stars,
And hear a thousand times

I can’t help but feel as if I’m mourning for an emotion that left me years ago.
Or the innocence of two grasshoppers fucking on a leaf outside a school yard,
It’s gone.
But I can’t take my hands off it for long enough for it to disappear.


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