You can always count on a snake to be a snake


Sir Steve Slithers, my 2 year old sunkiss motley X albino motley corn snake has been unwell recently with infectious mouth rot (stomatitis). This picture is of him lamely constricting around a large brown mouse before he scranned it up on the first few days of him contracting the illness.

I’ve had to start cleaning his mouth out with a cotton bud soaked in iodine and boiled salt water. He’s very resistant to me opening his mouth up and for the first time in my life, he bit me when I went to pick him up the other day as he knew what I was going to do. I wasn’t mad or shaken by it though, I want him to be as close to wild as he can be while still being a manageable pet and not getting himself stressed out.

The mouse he’s eating is pre-killed for him. But after he showed some animal instinct the other day, when he’s better, he might get live food.

Good boy Steve!



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