The Worst Crime Is Faking It.


I think that the worst crime of all is to fake it, in whatever you’re doing and which ever aspect of it is pretense. Here is a picture if a DIY skatepark in Rochdale on the grounds of an old MFI/Focus warehouse. These lads are the cream of the crop of Rochdale and surrounding boroughs. They’ve got their heads down and built themselves a place to push their plywood, and shit, they don’t half push that plywood.

MFI’s reputation as one if the most impressive DIY skateparks in the area continues to grow every time a photo is taken here or a video is made or a blog is posted. The creative & passionate hearts of these lads and their drive to do what they love is fucking incontrovertible, so here’s to you, skaters of Rochdale, who spend hours turning over cement to make solid humps, who lost blood and skin to build a place for like minded people and who never, EVER, do things by halves.

You did good, kids.

Never have I seen anything more real.


An Unidentified flying Ajmal.


Ste Prime’s friendly warning.


A deserted landscape.


Louey Lou Eye, Sexual Stu & the merry men.


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